Who is The Herbal Guy?

My name is Tyler; I am a certified aromatherapist. I earned my certification in the spring of 2015 through Aromatic Wisdom Institute (http://aromaticwisdominstitute.com) a NAHA approved school. I started learning about herbs and infused oils in the fall of 2013. Why chose The Herbal Guy? I specialize in making infused oils. I have done countless hours of research for the best methods to infuse oils. I have learned what methods work great and ones that don’t depending on the plant material used and what carrier works best for which plant.

When I infuse my oils I use
1) All organic oils and organic or wildcrafted plant materials 2) double infused for optimum essence and benefit 3) love and good energy

All information is informative and for educational purposes only and not to be construed as medical advice. I am not a doctor or a medical professional. I am just a guy who is passionate about Essential oils and herbal infused oil and Aromatherapy. I do not promote the ingestion of essential oils; unless under the care of someone who is properly trained in internal use of essential oils.

Located in Mifflinburg, Pa 17844